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General Information - 2024


1. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Adults £10.00 Children. £1.00
Renewal membership should be paid by 31st of January.
Members joining after September 1st to pay half the annual subscriptions.

2. TRANSPORT: People accepting lifts for a walk should offer the driver a voluntary contribution towards costs. This will depend on distance covered and number of passengers. Car parking charges should be shared by all occupants. If you are going directly to the start point of the walk and not meeting in Uttoxeter please notify the walk leader.

3. Guests are welcome to attend one walk and then must pay the subscription to continue walking with the club .

4. Weekend outings are open to all members who have paid their subscriptions, subject to availability.

5 On all walking club events it is the club’s policy that departure times will be strictly adhered to except in an emergency situation.

6. Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.

7. Dogs may be allowed on walks at the leader’s discretion. Dogs must always be kept on a lead on farmland, and be easily restrained at other times. Members are reminded they may be personally liable for any damage caused by dogs under their control.

8. Will walk leaders inform the walk secretary of details of their walk before the 15th of the previous month, and also give notice of any changes to the programme as soon as possible. Members will be contacted by e-mail and a post on the website of any prior cancellations or changes to the walk programme. IN THE CASE OF EXTREME WEATHER –please contact the leader to ensure the walk will be taking place.

9. Walk leaders should make a point of welcoming any new member on a walk and provide information on the club’s policies.

10. The programme is flexible so all details of walks, meeting points, and start times are published monthly on the website, Facebook and on posters in Uttoxeter library and Waitrose. Members will receive a monthly walks programme via e-mail. Please check walk publicity to be sure of start

11. INSURANCE: The walking club has taken out Civil Liability Insurance with the Ramblers for its official programme. Participation in any event is entirely at an individual’s risk

12. Ramblers Walk Leaders Checklist is available from the secretary.

13. Walkers are responsible for taking their own First Aid Kit and are advised to carry an I.C.E contact number and a list of relevant medication. For clarification contact

14. Please ensure you are appropriately clothed and equipped taking into account weather and walk conditions, particularly with regard to footwear. Walks can be on uneven ground, and/or muddy. Bring food and drink sufficient for the duration of the walk including an emergency sugary product. Walk leaders can refuse participation if a person is not adequately clothed, equipped or unfit on health grounds, as this could put the rest of the group at risk. If in doubt about likely walk conditions, terrain and pace consult the Walk Leader.         

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